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Turn off those taps

Turn off your taps and ensure they do not drip to save water. If you have a dripping tap reseat the tap & replace the washers with good quality washers. If you are unsure of how to complete these tasks you can call EcoCell to assist.


Go for water savers

Water saving devices are an easy way to lower your water consumption. Most new plumbing taps and tap accessories contain water saving devices. These devices can lower the water pressure in your taps which sometimes causes householders to remove them, but this will not conserve water and eventually you will pay excess water fees if you remove them.


Hidden leaks

A good way to detect hidden leaks is to turn off all taps to your house and take note of the water meter reading. Keep checking the meter over a period of time usually 1 - 2 hrs and take a meter reading to see if there is a water leak. If you detect a water leak and cannot visually see where it is coming from, call EcoCell and we will attend and use pressure testing devices to locate the leak.


Don't neglect your drains

Always ensure you do not allow food scraps or cooking oils to enter your drain from your kitchen sink. Use the basket waste to collect the scraps and dump them into your bin. Flush out your sink with a half full sink of water at least once every 2 weeks. This will clear bad smelling waste out of your sink drain trap and flush out debris and small food scraps from the drain.


Listen to your toilet

Only use minimal toilet paper in your toilet and do not flush any other materials down the toilet. This will ensure the system will run free of blockages for years to come.


Check your toilet for leaks

When cleaning or during usage, always check the floor around your toilet is dry and there are no leaks from the pipework and connections to your toilet. Also after your toilet is flushed, ensure that the system does not continually flow water as this can be caused by faulty inlet or outlet valves. Call a EcoCell if you are in need of assistance with these faults.


Garbage disposal systems

We do not recommend using a garbage disposal. We have found that using garbage disposals increases the chances of a blocked drain.


Keep fats and oil out of your drains

Most houses these days have hot water that is tempered at 50 Degrees. This temperature on your hot water will not break down the fat built up in your drain and eventually your sink or relief gully traps will become clogged with fat.


Dental Floss

Do not dump dental floss into your toilet or down a basin waste. It will eventually catch onto other solid waste in the drain and cause a blockage.



Clean hair out of your shower waste and dispose into the bin. As with dental floss it will eventually catch onto other solid waste in the drain and cause a blockage.